This weekend is all about celebrating independence, but we’re a little more about celebrating independent artists and the fire they produce on the regular. See below for exhibit A: 10 fresh tunes you don’t want to miss from our favorite producers in the scene. Scroll through and let them set your weekend off right.

Navigatorz – First Landing

Ok, we’re cheating a little bit with this one. There’s six tracks in this beatastic (yes, that’s a word now) mixtape. But trust us, they’re all fire. You won’t regret throwing it on, right this second.

Govinda – Bent Cipher

Soft, subtle, yet still burning red hot, Govinda’s “Bent Cipher” will set your weekend mood off right.

Sokol Sound – Plum Splat

Plum Splat” is not for the faint of heart. The fiery DnB will throw your brain for a spin, but one it will likely enjoy.

Troyboi & Skrillex – WARLORDZ (BASSGALAXY Flip)

BASSGALAXY sends it very hard with this remix, so we had to include it in this week’s Groundscores.

Huxley Anne – Boy, No (feat. HEZEN)

Every Huxley Anne track is fire, but this one is truly special. Vast and alluring, the composition of “Boy, No” is only outdone by the captivating vocals from HEZEN.

Voljum – cyberglobe

Okay, this one is PIPING hot. On-point sound design pulls you in but the sheer rhythm pulsing throughout is too dirty not to fall in love with on first listen.

Doctor Jeep – Slow DnB Vinyl Mix

Alright, we’re cheating again with another mix. But first of all, we can’t resist a bit of Doctor Jeep. Secondly, this slowed-down DnB mix is perfectly atmospheric, liquidy, and a relaxing way to chill out this Sunday.

bàwldy x TVBOO – slackin’

We’ll keep this one real simple and just say you’re straight slackin’ if you don’t knock this track at least 3 times this weekend.

BOARCROK & Trigem – Chungus

This Spicy Bois release is, as their name implies, heated. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Badrapper – 2HUNNID

This one goes off with two absolutely monumental drops into cavernous, mind-melting territory. We’re still piecing our egos back together.