Did you know scientists at the world’s leading bass facilities discovered it takes just 5 new tracks a week to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

That’s right, this is life saving stuff right here. You’re welcome.

CharlestheFirst & Tiedye Ky – Love And Enemies

If Tiedye Ky and CharlestheFirst can go ahead and not overheat my laptop with all this fire, that would be great. Honestly, these dudes need an EP together.

Mr. Bill & Dirt Monkey – Duddley Stomp

Give us this day, our daily Mr. Bill. Deliver us from shitty dubstep.

L*o*J – The Shire

L*o*J crafts a purely satisfying beat with bouncy, melodic percussion, fluttering flutes, and a buttery house groove that comes out to play in the second half of the track.

Inzerra – micro waves

This is about as chill as space bass can get. We’d put this on a channel called “lofi space bass radio – wubs to smoke/trip out to.”

Pushloop – Spicy Grilled Cheese

This track’s description reads: “‘Spicy Grilled Cheese’ is a brutal slice of militant, yet funked up bass melting all over your speaker stacks.” We’ll never top a description so vividly accurate, so just go ahead and enjoy this one.