Discovering new music is part of our every day job. The good stuff, however, frequently gets lost in the incessant flood of articles, memes, photos, and shitposts. That’s why, over here at The Wook of Wall Street, we’re constantly sifting through the digital wastelands, searching for those uncovered gems. Songs that have been overlooked, forgotten, or simply lost in the minutiae of social media . That’s what this whole new series is all about: a weekly dose of unearthed fire that we each can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s finds below!



SHAWN: I CAN NOT get “Alloy” out of my head. It’s such a unique space-trap banger. It involves so many incredible aspects of what I love in electronic music: the deep trap backbone, the subtle atmospheric textures that create complex dynamics and layering, along with the perfectly chopped vocals in the second drop that add a spiritual extraterrestrialism to the entire track. I will certainly be keeping an eye on FLY in the future.




SQUID: In typical fashion, Tsuruda delivers an absolute monster of a bass-centric track with “Witch Doctor”. Jazzy brass slices planted between cavernous low-end soundscapes offer really everything you could be looking for in a certified banger. The mystic vocals layered throughout are the oh-so-sweet icing on this buttery composition.




BRUCE: Anytime I hear a song, I always try to visualize a corresponding music video/animation for it. When this Ovoid track began to play, I vividly imagined all the discarded nitrous balloons that litter the ground after a show begin to “stand” up and come alive. They traverse down the street, marching and fully-animated, like one of those New Orleans brass band parades – reminiscent of that scene from Disney’s Fantasia with Mickey and the walking brooms. Actually, now that I think of it, this track is totally just a heady “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. Crunchy, psychedelic, whimsical, and punchy, “Dog Milk” is that wonky bop you can’t get enough of.


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