Discovering new music is part of our every day job. The good stuff, however, frequently gets lost in the incessant flood of articles, memes, photos, and shitposts. That’s why, over here at The Wook of Wall Street, we’re constantly sifting through the digital wastelands, searching for those uncovered gems. Songs that have been overlooked, forgotten, or simply lost in the minutiae of social media . That’s what this whole new series is all about: a weekly dose of unearthed fire that we each can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s finds below!



SQUID: A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the name “Chef Boyarbeatz” in a song post on the Space Bass subreddit. How could anyone sporting that name not be slinging substantial sauce? I wasn’t disappointed. His track “mason ramsey is a part of the illuminati,” with its hilarious use of samples from that Walmart yodeling internet sensation, and a deep-digging bassline, somehow had me cracking up and headbanging at the same exact time. It’s a fun track from a fairly lowkey artist, but I couldn’t be happier it came into my life.



BRUCE: It’s been almost two years since the Russian prodigy All Mode blessed us with “Insight”, a track that still makes cameos in many sets today. The menacing intro creeps up into a caustic cascade which is sharply glamoured by a euphoric elody that ushers out the end, oscillating across multiple zones on your palate. It’s the perfect balance of noise and beauty, a feat that many strive for but often fall short in execution. So shout out to All Mode for showing them how it’s done.



SHAWN: “Swarm Behavior (Feat. Yunis)” is a stunning concoction of production elements from the brain of UK producer Rohaan. This atmospheric mosaic of crackling textures and unique percussion truly resonates with the theme of it’s title. The sound swarms through your headphones and drives continuously from start to finish. What truly shines on this track is the depth of the kick/sub combination. It’s just bassy enough without engulfing the listener, while keeping a perfect amount of space between each of the layers. Big ups to Rohaan for this beautiful piece of production.

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