It’s Sunday, and that means tomorrow is Monday. Trust us, we’re not too thrilled about that either.

But, for the time being, it is still Sunday. So put on something cozy, roll up, and enjoy the day with our weekly selection of fresh, vibe-filled tracks.

Shanghai Doom x Space Wizard – Teleblock

The new Shanghai Doom EP, “BIOHAZARD,” flaunts some pretty serious collaborations, like “Teleblock” with Space Wizard. We feature another track below (which should tell you how fat we think the EP is) so keep scrolling for more from Shanghai Doom.

Defunk x Woofax – Need That

Defunk and Woofax let the heavy funkstep vibes rip with “Need That.” It’ll set the mood just right this Sunday, and the rest of your week, for that matter.

Wreckno – Moon Sigil (Smoakland Remix)

As always, a Wreckno track brings the gas. But Smoakland brings that gas to the next level in this freaky remix of “Moon Sigil.”

Joro Dudovski – Balkan Glitch {Aspire Higher Tune Tuesday Exclusive}

Get glitched out with this high octane Aspire Higher release from Joro Dudovski.

Squalpat & Tygris – Vertical Snacking

A Squalpat/Tygris team-up is the collab we didn’t know that we needed, and everything we could have ever hoped for.

Navigatorz – Check It Out

Navigatorz cooked up this swinging bass groove for your personal enjoyment, so you kind of owe it to them to play it at least twice today. But trust us, after your first listen, you’ll have no problem putting it on repeat.

Shanghai Doom x Tsimba x DeeZ – Agent Orange

Like we said, the new Shanghai Doom EP has some serious collabs, and we honestly couldn’t ignore “Agent Orange,” featuring Brooklyn bass gods Tsimba and DeeZ.


Don’t sleep on this deep-digging trap-style track from SHA. But, be careful, as it might leave your mind a little scrambled before the work week.

Seppa – Stress

This preview of Seppa’s “Stress EP” is full of breaks so sick, they’re sure to put a smile on your face. Head to Bandcamp to check out the full project (you won’t regret it).