Discovering new music is part of our every day job. The good stuff, however, frequently gets lost in the incessant flood of articles, memes, photos, and shitposts. That’s why, over here at The Wook of Wall Street, we’re constantly sifting through the digital wastelands, searching for those uncovered gems. Songs that have been overlooked, forgotten, or simply lost in the minutiae of social media . That’s what this whole new series is all about: a weekly dose of unearthed fire that we each can’t seem to get enough of. Check out this week’s finds below!



SHAWN: I don’t know how or why Moore Kimset went this hard, but he did it, and if I could choose this track for my groundscore of the week every single time, I probably would. This is the first track in a long time that I’ve spammed damn near all of my friends with because I don’t care who you are or what your music taste is like, this shit slaps. This is a grade-A, certified Banger and everyone should drop what they’re doing and play this track as loud and as often as possible.




SQUID: Yheti’s sound design gets better with every release, but “Disenchanted,” off of his recent “Deformed” EP, is a heartful composition that’s teeming with fresh creative life. A chorus of woodland sounds disintegrates into a melodious siren song, dropping off into a bath of chimes that carry the track into mystical territory. Beneath the narrative balance of sounds is a breathing low-end synth. It’s envelope feels as if it is reacting, growing, shrinking to the atmosphere developed through the melody. It’s honest enough to say that “Disenchanted” is, well, quite enchanting.




BRUCE: Dan Getz is one of the most versatile producers I know. From his deliciously liquidy drum and bass track “Nautilus” to the fractaled regurgitation that is “Grotter”, Pluto Era does not confine himself to the restraints of any one genre and he demonstrates that effortlessly with “Cobblestone Dub”. This deep psydub track features moody melodies and sinister synths that will haunt your eardrums.


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