Your favorite producers are hard at working, pushing out new tracks for your listening pleasure, and you’re still listening to the same five songs on repeat. Tsk, tsk, my friends.

Well, we’re here to change that up a bit. Keep scrolling for this week’s hot new groundscores. We’re hoping they find a new home on your playlist.

Mindex – Pulse

Mindex typically has three modes: jazzy, introspective, and mindfuck. “Pulse” is the ideal mix of all three.

Digital D – Drawing Blanks W/ ULK

Dripping, nasty, and perfectly steamy. No, we’re not talking about our Tinder date last night. And honestly, this new Digital D is leaving us much more satisfied.

um… – goosed up

As always, the um… duo comes in heavy with the numbing wubs on “goosed up.” Don’t keep scrolling without pressing play on this one.

Face Plant – Decoherence

This new Face Plant single has been out for all of a couple days and we’ve played it more times than we can keep track of. We highly recommend you follow suit.

KOAN Sound – Strident

“Strident” is the type of track to make you wonder how humans even got to the point in evolution where making these sounds is even possible.

Herbalistek – Polarity

“Polarity” is served piping hot and perfectly spicy, flaunting a really unique, driving flow that takes it to the next level.

Humandala – Possibilities

Humandala’s new track is a moving journey through fast-moving neuro synth design and comforting sonic themes.

filthsun. – THE WHISTLER

Murky lo-fi hip hop with a halftime flow and deliciously filthy samples is a proper way to start your weekend off right.

Holderr – Frighten It

Holderr delivers a deep diving banger this week with “Frighten It.” It’s a big one you definitely don’t want to pass up on.