We’re back with this week’s freshest Groundscores from your favorite bass artists, plus a few new names you might not be familiar with.

Murkury – Devi

“Devi” reaches deep into the psyche you didn’t know existed, leading you on a journey you didn’t know you needed.

Face Plant – Phase Space

Face Plant coming through with the deep-neuro grooves on “Phase Space” just feels right to us. A welcome addition to our Soundcloud “Likes.”

Married Woman. – TheBusiness. Ft. Tom Davidson

“Married Woman” is a beautiful collision of past and present, with flashy old-school rock vibes smashed through freaky wubs and glitch-funk galore.

Scopic – At Any Rate

Scopic’s “At Any Rate” struts with impeccable steez. It might have something to do with the jazzy flute. Or the fat, grinding bass line. Or the whole damn thing.

Wax Future x Beard-O-Bees – Too Deep To Sleep

This shit drip, drip, drips from start to finish. The way it bounces, grooves, and feels is just too nice not to rewind. It’s easily our new favorite Wax Future track. Plus, it’s a collab with Jesse Miller from jam scene mainstay Lotus. We must be dreaming!

CreighFish – Hop To It

CreighFish flexes mind-melting bass design on “Hop to It,” and it’s having us feeling right ahead of the holiday weekend.

CreighFish – Hot Mama Summer

One of the comments on “Hot Mama Summer” is “someone give this man an award,” and honestly we haven’t agreed with anyone that much in a long time.

vieira x Psyoctave – Snakes On A Plane Of Existence 

The strength of that first drop, despite being over a minute into the track, is well worth the wait. Hey, at least there’s plenty of time to strap in before it hits.


This track honestly doesn’t have nearly as many listens as it deserves for how hard it goes. This shit slaps. Shit. Slaps. Spread the word.

Navigatorz – Flutter

This track is putting our anticipation for more Navigatorz tunes at an all time high. Through this on your speakers and get this weekend started off right.

nova – ghosted w/ saule

“ghosted” flaunts that dirty, deep, subterranean rhythm that makes us wet, time after time. We’re not complaining, just wishing we had extra underwear.