The goal of our blog is to make our region’s most exclusive and well-produced tracks available for your listening pleasure. Here, The Wook of Wall Street team gathers a handful of songs we’ve been pumping through our earholes nonstop. Take a look, we hope you like what you find.

Wax Future – Dark Clouds

This new Wax Future track brings us 3 ingredients for a beautiful day: a soulful sample, synths, and Keith Wadsworth’s eloquent guitar chops.

Vorso – Wannabe

The fresh single from Vorso’s new EP is cavernous and moving, even on the ninth relisten.

Cloverdale – Eat That (dope Remix)

Buckle up, buckaroos. Throw this remix on a fat enough system and you’ll be holding on for dear life.

Billie Eilish – Bellyache (smARGE Remix)

A track with an entirely fresh sound is hard to come by, but we’ve come several times listening to smARGE’s thoughtful Billie Eilish remix. Thanks for coming to our TED Talk.

Sixis – Contact  

5AM commented, “Absurd,” on this Soundcloud link, and we honestly think he speaks for all of us on this one.

 Michal Menert – Gravel Roads

Pinch us, this Menert track is an absolute dream.

Easyjack. – Hybrid

This is one of those tracks that, replay after replay, makes you stroke your chin and say, “What…”. The sound design is just too on point.

Illanthropy w/ Scales – UP!

Please excuse us while we clean our jaws off the floor. Watch out, just step over it, thank you.

Tipper – Sayonara

It’s been way too long since Tipper released a full-length album. We can cry if we want to, okay?