MeSo & Sozen – Sakura

MeSo and Sozen define what it means to make innovate dubstep with “Sakura.”


Old-school wubs abound in this fresh Pigeon Hole composition, bringing both a perfect wave of nostalgia and tons of hype for this masterfully composed tune.

tsou – wdga

This track is like when bae asks to fuck softly this time, and you do but then things naturally start to get buck wild and neither of you is upset about it.

voljum – until the last breath

The new voljum EP was highly anticipated, and for good reason. Each track shines in an unexpected way, and “until the last breath” is so heated, you’ll need to catch your breath by the time it’s over.


When you say “This shit slaps” but that’s before you actually get slapped by the hammer of a second drop…

SubDocta – Rail Spot

Take a good listen to the vocal sample used at the start of this track, it’s hilarious. And we wouldn’t mind having a solid spot on the rail when SubDocta throws this into a set.

Supertask – Deprivation

Supertask makes you want to hug the person sitting next to you with this one. In a good way, but also, why am I crying on the train right now?

Osmetic – Tech Rolla

Okay this one is really unique. We’ll need a few more listen-throughs to really take it all in, but it’s fast-paced, spacious, and jam-packed with sounds we didn’t know we needed.

Mersiv – Be Here Now ft. Mahamuna

If you got the chills within the first minute of this Mersiv track, you are definitely not alone. This one is special!

Zenon Beatz X JESTIC – Boulevard

“Boulevard” bangs with some truly out-there sound design laid out in a deep, cavernous headspace.

Secret Recipe – Get It Together

Despite the title, we honestly still haven’t gotten it together after listening to this track. Perhaps a few more replays will do the trick?