Every festival junkie’s wet dream has finally come to fruition; Pretty Lights has announced a 4-day private island festival. No, this is not a drill, satire, con, or FYRE fest; this is the real deal. The 4 day all-inclusive stay will be on “El Conquistador”, a Waldorf Astoria Resort in Puerto Rico, from the 7th-10th of December. The private island extravaganza will feature daytime poolside sets, late night ballroom performances, as well as a variety of unannounced surprise local activities and excursions. Adding an all-star lineup on top of that, this is sure to be a historic event.

Even if you could somehow forget that Pretty Lights will be playing all 3 nights, the rest of the acts are sure to leave your jaw on the floor. From accepted giants of the electronic scene such as Gramatik and Tycho, the Island also offers breakaway stars such as Ganja White Night, FKJ and Thriftworks. Then to top that off with jam band/electronic bands such as Lettuce, Emancipator, Thievery Corporation, and The Floozies is sure to leave your mouth salivating. And let’s not forget Atmosphere either now, a duo who’s supposed unreleased collab has been driving every fan nuts for months. Or Michal Menert, the man who played a crucial role in the very creation of Pretty Light’s style and sound from the very get-go. And when geniuses like Late Night Radio, Manic Focus, Break Science, and Marvel Years aren’t even the focus of the lineup you know you’ve found a truly amazing entity.

What else is there to say? Anyone not sold on at least the verifiable fact that this event is nothing short of revolutionary on lineup/venue expectations is nothing short of a fool. I mean let me repeat; we have a private island, in Puerto Rico (that’s all inclusive to your heart’s desires), with 3 nights of Pretty Lights, and some absolutely phenomenal supporting artists. That should make any fan take a deep breath and a step back to try and soak in the magnificence they’ve been graced with. Mark my words and your calendars, because December 7-10 of 2017 are days that should be spent at El Conquistador.

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