The man just won’t let up!  Mere days after announcing his inaugural Island of Light festival, we’re beginning to see that Derek Vincent Smith has even more in store for his devoted fans.  Early today, we received images of what seems to be packages Pretty Lights has been sending to select fans.  Included in the parcels are a custom-engraved, wooden USB drive filled with unreleased flips, and a poster revealing one of several new tour dates.  On the back of said poster is a message – this one reads as follows:

“Greetings,  you have been chosen for a new Pretty Lights social experiment.  This package contains unreleased “flips” from Euphoria (April 2017), Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (March 2017), and Telluride (August 2016).  As one of our most devoted fans, we are choosing you to not only spread this music organically far and wide, but to also share the message that we will be returning to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO on August 11-12 for the 9th consecutive year.  See you soon.”

In addition to Red Rocks, we’ve also been able to confirm the Colorado-native will be returning to Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago, IL on August 18th-19th.  However, we’re not sure what music was included on the thumb drive in this package.  One can only expect that, over the next couple of days, more fans will begin to confirm additional dates.  Have you received any of these special packages yet?  Keep your eyes peeled on your mailbox and let us know if you do!


The existing flips have been uploaded.  Seems as if all the USB drives contained identical content.  Someone was nice enough to throw them into a few convenient playlists.  Check them out below!

1. Telluride Flips (August 2016)
2.  Okeechobee Flips (March 2017)
3.  Euphoria Flips (April 2017)

© Cover Photo: Distract Your Face