Electronic music is a vast and seemingly endless landscape. Nearly every day, some new subgenre is working its way into the limelight making scanning through soundcloud a bit of a dizzying experience. In a world like this, it’s increasingly more important for producers to find unique ways to set themselves apart from the other artists in their respective disciplines, to ensure their voice stands out above the rest.

Right now, Whipped Cream is doing an exceptional job of carving out her own spot in the midtempo-bass realm that’s emerged the past couple years.

Although her history spans far deeper than the past couple of years, her most recent releases are what really drew my attention. Where big name midtempo producers like Rezz and 1788-L seem to stick to their guns and err on the side of bombast, Whipped Cream is more reserved, adding rhythmic and nuanced levels to her production that really make them stand out.

After sitting down to listen to the last couple of tracks she’s put out, I took the time to absorb the Shambala 2018 mix that she hosts on her soundcloud page, it made me exceptionally excited to check out her set at Hijinx later next month.

It was the track “Ignorant” that truly drove me to take a deeper dive into her recent work. Her PERSISTENCE EP resonates exactly with how each track feels. The beat is persistent, driving, and beautifully orchestrated to maintain a level of suspense and allure that keeps the listener attached from start to finish.

Whipped Cream will play her set on Friday, December 28th, directly following Dorfex Bos (who we just wrote about last week). Check out her soundcloud page, and certainly be sure to give her Shambala mix a listen!