SENSORiUM Music and Arts Festival is quickly approaching and we felt compelled to ensure that your experience be the best it can possibly be.

SENSORiUM Highlight Reel

The countdown begins for SENSORiUM Music & Arts Festival on Aug 25!!Check out the highlight reel from last year's event, and don't miss a beat by purchasing your 2018 event tickets RIGHT NOW: by Robby Goss, Goose MediaFeatured track: Tweed – RL WRLD (Wax Future Remix)

Posted by SENSORiUM on Monday, August 6, 2018

While we previously highlighted some of the biggest draws of this homegrown music and arts festival, we hope this list gives you a little more direction on who to check out (besides the obvious headliners).

5. Esseks

If you’re familiar with bass music on the east coast, even in the slightest bit, you’ve likely heard of Esseks. The Brooklyn-based producer has been making his rounds since 2012 and there’s certainly no sign of him slowing down. Bringing a multitude of bass-oriented genres to his live show, Esseks is always twisting, flipping, and rewriting the script with his incredible live shows and excellent mastery of his craft. He’ll be on-site at the late night after-jawn to melt brains and bring the bass.


4. Agent Zero

It’s no secret that we at The Wook Of Wall Street are fans of livetronica group Agent Zero. Their blend of atmospheric sound design and thundering bass make them an exceptionally thrilling live act to catch in any setting, let alone their hometown of Philadelphia, PA. The combination of live orchestration with a beautifully produced electronica backbone make them an absolute must-see in any situation.


3. Chee

Hailing from South Africa, Chee is a monsterous presence in the underground bass scene right now and, once you’ve listened to his phenomenal production, it’s obvious why. The chopped and scattered sounds that he brings to the forefront of his production make him one of the more unique and complex producers in the game. Being able to shift from one vibe to the next without being pigeon-holed into any specific niche has made him a notable force in a number of bass-music circles. Pair that in-studio exceptionalism with a phenomenal ability to keep the crowd moving at his live sets, Chee is absolutely a can’t miss set at SENSORiUM.


2. Wax Future

What do you get when you mix funk, glitch hop, electro, and a massively exciting live act? You get Wax Future. Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Wax Future is a fantastic duo who have had audiences movin’ and groovin’ for years. Their productions draw heavy inspiration from hip-hop and are absolutely dripping with funk and soul. Their performance is guaranteed to be one of the biggest dance parties at this event.


1. Zebbler Encanti Experience

This set is going to be the absolute must-attend of the entire festival. The Zebbler Encanti Experience (ZEE) is a joint video/audio experience concocted by video engineer Zebbler and psychedelic bass producer Encanti. Utilizing a custom designed projection mapped screen, ZEE is an  immersive show smothered in pure psychedelia that highlights both Zebbler and Encanti’s incredible range of talent. ZEE will be the headlining act of the late-night after party, this is one that we can’t even sit here and describe for you, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.



Do you guys agree with this list? Who else do you think is a must-see for SENSORiUM on August 25th? Let us know in the comments below!