SENSORiUM Music and Arts Festival is returning to Philly this August 25th, and they’ve certainly upped the ante on last year’s inaugural outing. Helming the one-day festivities are home-grown Philadelphia heroes: Tweed, who have curated an excellent collection of artists to round out the bill. Headlining act Sunsquabi is supported by Flamingosis, Wax Future, and a slew of killer producers and bands alike.

1. Ultra-Sensory Art Installations

This festival is PACKED with incredibly talented local visual artists. There will be over 20 live painters taking part in the event, including a live-painted mural done by Steve Shorts; a brilliant artist who is absolutely phenomenal with a paint brush. VJ and otherwise brain melting digital artists, The Void, will be on deck providing stunning art projections to accompany the music during the main event, while Dr01d, Zebbler, and ClearVoid work their magic at the after-party. On top of that, there will be interactive art displays throughout the grounds, a house of mirrors, themed lounges with installations within, and giant “sensorium monsters” that will cover the venue.

2. The Food & Vendors

As of right now, SENSORiUM is keeping most of these aspects a bit tight lipped, as they have some surprises in store for their attendees. But they’ve let slip that there will be some exceptional local food and craft vendors including Grateful Dad, Totally Tyed & Dyed, Angry Nimbus Woodcraft, and Hellawraps+, as well as promotions and giveaways from some of their favorite local brands. I have some theories about who a couple of these may be, but I’d definitely be keeping my eye on their announcements leading up to the event. I’m already anxious with anticipation about what’s in store from the vendors.

3. The Venue

The Ukie Club on Franklin is a dope room located in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. The space can hold 3k attendees and will be completely transformed by the SENSORiUM crew to create a fully immersive experience that’s bound to excite the crowds. Also, would it even be a Philadelphia event if the building didn’t have some history? The building is home to the oldest Ukrainian Club in America and has a history tied to both George Washington and The Underground Railroad.

4. The People and the Culture

Tweed has been known to attract a crowd encompassing all walks of life, and their own festival is guaranteed to do the same. They’re asking that attendees come in costume, and are promoting an incredible air of acceptance for everyone! Brotherly Love, that’s what Philadelphia preaches as the cornerstone of its entire identity, and that’s the exact vibe that Tweed and the SENSORiUM team hope to bring to the table with this event. The space is one meant for anyone and everyone where any sort of hate, whether it be racism, sexism, homophobia or otherwise will not be tolerated.

5. The Music

Of course, this should go without saying, but the lineup for SENSORiUM is packing heat. For just one day of music, they have an solid mix of interesting acts to come through and keep the people moving. There’s plenty of funk to go around from Sunsquabi, Flamingosis, Daedelus, and Wax Future, while some of the more eclectic and intriguing acts like Agent Zero, Darla, and Worldtown Soundsystem weave a whole other world of sound for people to enjoy. Then of course, comes the late-night after party with plenty of psychedelia and bone-crunching bass from Zebbler Encanti Experience, Chee, Esseks, and Moniker.


SENSORiUM hits Northern Liberties in Philadelphia this August 25th, and is absolutely guaranteed to be an exceptional experience for all in attendance.

Have you gotten your SENSORiUM tickets yet? What are you most excited about for this year’s event? Let us know in the comments below!