Dave Tipper dropped his most recent EP, Lattice, just over a week and a half ago, and we’re still gathering the fragments of our unhinged consciousness from the floor. Even with just four tracks (this being his third 4-track EP within the past three years, it’s clear small, digestible servings of his music should come to be expected) it’s still one hell of a ride from start to finish. 

Three unreleased tracks and a VIP remix: Like a kid on Christmas morning, we couldn’t ask for more. The title track, ‘Lattice’, brings us from zero to 100, real fuckin quick. A shoulder-moving percussion section acts as an introduction to a main eastern melody ascending into the eardrum. Three dimensions of metallic drums, toms, and pops really make moving around impossible, but it’s Scapula that really gets things going. A glitch-heavy tsunami of sirens, its dynamic essence is really only upstaged by the driving Mario-inspired propulsion of ‘Cubic Squeal’It’s like you chose to traverse down the warp pipe, but instead of the typical dungeon level you’ve come to expect, there was a disarray of pixelated UFOs disintegrating the faces of unsuspecting plumbers.  

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Ultimately there is a calm, found graciously in Tipper’s ‘Dreamster VIP’. It’s a gentle reminder of how far we’ve all come in the years since it was first released on Forward Escape, just with a slightly more hip hop heavy drum line. It’s a real groove, and a sweet way to wrap up an unworldly indelible gift.

It’s been a few weeks since Lattice was released, which track have you bumped the most? Tell us in the comments!