Wow, what a show! Baltimore is a powerhouse for dance music and Depth Perception is the catalyst that makes it go BOOM! On the weekend following 4/20, the 8×10 was blessed with legendary bass talent.

Brightside got the dance started with his animated style, what an entertainer! Watching him bounce back and forth compels you to move; this was expressed by everyone lucky enough to be in the room. Next up was Youngsta, the OG from West London where dubstep was born. This man is tasteful yet savage as fuck in his song selection.

When it came time to transition, the hand off to Truth was anything but simple. The exchange took about twenty minutes as the two of them enjoyed each other’s company on stage and celebrated massive double drops with the heaviest of basslines. Truth was represented by Andre, one of the two members of the musically inclined duo. Dre dropped new tracks, collaborations, and the freshest tunes from their label Deep, Dark, and Dangerous (DDD).

As usual, he did not let anyone down. People left the venue buzzing after experiencing such a heavy weight night in dubstep. To be blunt, Truth is bringing new life to the underground scene. Next time he comes around it’s sure to be deep, dark, and dangerous—don’t miss out! Check out some photos from this event below!

© All Images courtesy of Ed Mason Media