Too often the trajectory of an artist can fall short when their talent is forced to navigate the dense maze of equally-talented artists in a place like New York City.  As of late, Brooklyn’s very own tsimba has been slicing through the tangled brush that embodies the East Coast bass scene – undoubtedly clearing a path for the genre-defying producer to emerge as one of New York’s finest. With the release of his Dématérialiser EP, out on the Wormhole Music Group label April 17th, it’s evident tsimba may not have to wait to be king much longer.

Force is the focus of Dématérialiser.  The producer’s latest project flaunts four hard-hitting, future-sound tracks that could all easily take the cake as this EP’s front-runner. No, you don’t have to decide which one is your favorite; they each bring fresh soundscapes to the table in their own unique way.

The foundation of the EP’s titular track boasts tsimbas signature percussive forte, on top of which slick bars layered over fast-paced wubs build up to a mind-melting, double-time climax. Scratchmaster Tygris colossal feature on “Ghetto500is sure to turn heads with its dirty refrain repeating “This how Gs ride,” coupled with heavy synths and the sound of guns cocking and being shot in the air.


Borrowing a sample from the UK TV show Skins, before breaking into some immensely jaw-dropping wobbles, “Hugo” is a track for the headbangers. Subsequently, the last track, “Sendai,puts tsimba’s percussion background on display.  It’s here that a drumline-like build up segues into mid-tempo glitch-bass and a really cool breakdown played on what sounds like the rim of a snare. This track ties the knot on an already groundbreaking project, dynamic, and complex in just the right ways and sure to push tsimba into the realm of trailblazing bass producers.

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