Connor Hansell and Keith Wadsworth are two rising stars in the electronic music scene.  If you’ve been paying attention, it’s to no surprise how Wax Future has been billed on some of the season’s best lineups – such as Camp Bisco & Elements Festival.  They’ve been delivering consistently stellar sets for years, impressing with their high energy performances & memorable mosaic of modern electronica.  Just six months ago the boys blessed us with their ‘Make Me Feel Again’ EP and have been hard at work ever since, working on the next one.  The day has finally come that the two are ready to debut ‘Waviators’, the first single off their next project!

“Since we started this project we always dreamed about the summer we’re about to have. We thought it proper to drop a soundtrack of sorts for the fun we’re about to share in these coming months. Waviators is an ode to waking up with the sun in your tent, double-checking the schedule for your favorites, and meetin’ up with friends and finding the perfect spot in the crowd. The best time of year is on its way, and we hope y’all enjoy the tune! – Keith Wadsworth

What do you think of ‘Waviators’?!  Let me know in the comments!  And if you’re in Philly this week, be sure to catch Wax Future & Friends at Silk City with Late Night Radio, Ageless, and TheBusiness.!

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